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To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of duties while serving their country that their dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice may be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments, and to pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and its Constitution.

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Shipmates Helping Shipmates - A Survival Guide

Tri-County Veteran Support Network Directory
Updated representation of the organizations involved in the Tri-County Veteran Support Network. Moving forward, any updates will be made available on a quarterly basis. Please continue sending adjustments and suggestions to Tim Taylor (tim@usvetcorps.org) or Jordan Hardy (jhardy@fsisc.org) as they arise

Illness Related to the DBNP Additive to 2190TEP Oil Entitlement to service connection for bladder cancer
CONCLUSION OF LAW Resolving all reasonable doubt in the veteran's favor, the criteria for service connection for BLADDER CANCER, as due to Agent Orange exposure and/or diesel fuel exposure.

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Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center Charleston News
Director's Monthly Reports
New Parking Options at Charleston VAMC

H.3147 South Carolina State Tax Exemption
Major Changes
Governor Haley signed H.3147 into law. The retired pay exemption will be phased in over a 5 year period.
The link is the simplified version: Reminder this only applies to your SC state taxes. Your military retirement is still subject to federal income taxes.

DD Form 214 Online
The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) has provided the following website for veterans to sign access to their DD-214 online: http://vetrecs.archives.gov
 Gaining access to your DD Form 214 has never been easier. This may be particularly helpful when a veteran needs a copy of the DD-214 for employment purposes. NPRC is working to make it easier for veterans with computers and Internet access to obtain copies of documents from their military files. Military veterans and the next of kin of deceased former military members may now use a new online military personnel records system to request documents

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