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o perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of duties while serving their country that their dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice may be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments, and to pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and its Constitution.

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50th Anniversary First SSBN Deterrent Patrol
'A' Gang Required Reading
A Soldier Died Today
A. Lawrence Vaincourt
Always Remember - John Chaffey, WY SSN639, SSN687, SSBN619
An FBMr's Nightmare - by R. E. Neibeling

Another Patrol Aboard Ulysses S Grant - by Glenn Gunnis, USSVICB Member
A Submarine - "From The Klaxon, Submarine Force Library and Museum Association, Groton, CT"
A Toast To The Forgotten - Bob Milford / read at LCDR Jim Eckles' Memorial Service on Nov 18, 2009
A Tribute to all Submariners on Veteran's Day - Author Unknown
Belt Buckle Story - TMC(SS) Ken Curtis
Bill Mauldin WWII Cartoonist Postage Stamp - distributed in 2010
Boat Sailors: Generational Differences - Bob 'Dex' Armstrong
Boys In Blue - Bob 'Dex' Armstrong
Brothers Forever - Mike Bickel
Brother of the Phin - Larry Dunn
Burial At Sea - a story of a Vietnam Marine CACO
COCHINO/TUSK Reunion Story - Sue Eckles
Cold War Sub Piano Part of New Museum Exhibit

Confessions of a SSBN Sailor -  CDR John Elnitsky
- author unknown
D-Day: 65th Anniversary of D-Day on Normandy Beaches
Diesel Oil Smell - Buck Conrad
Diving into the abyss aboard Britian's submarine rescue system
Doolittle Raid 13th Pilot Personal Account
Ever A Submariner - Jody Wayne Durham, MM2/SS (A-gang) USS Los Angeles (SSN688), 85-88
Everything I Need to Know I Learned on a Submarine
Fall of the Berlin Wall 20th Anniversary - Senator McCain remarks
For I Am a Submariner - John Chaffey
The Fury of the Sun - John 'TwoScoops' Eckard
George Bush World War II Experience with Finback
Give the Boatservice Back Tradition - Bob 'Dex' Armstrong
God Created Submariners - RADM Jay Donnelly

Hail to the Silent Service - Sherry Sontag
How to Simulate Being a Sailor
I Am Thankful I Have Shipmates Who Share - author unknown

I Remember - Dick Murphy IC3(SS) USS Tiru SS-416
I Was a Sailor - author unknown
Interview with Bill Tebo July-December 2004
Japanese Submarine Aircraft Carrier - airfield under the sea
Japanese Sub Grounded at Guadalcanal

Liberty Bars - author unknown
Many Major Changes in the Submarine Service Since WWII Diesel Boat Era by Michael Skurat

Medal of Honor Winner Flies Flagby Chelyen Davis
Navy Do's and Don'ts - author unknown
Not Just Anybody Can Be a Submariner - author unknown
Old Fart Pride
Operation Downfall - WWII Japan Invasion Plans
Our Navy 40 Years Ago 1970

Razor Blades and Ivory Soap - Bob 'Dex' Armstrong
Real Chief Petty Officer - author unknown
Recollections of a WHITE HAT - author unknown
Remembering the Scorpion
Reviving the Chief's MessCaptain Kevin S. Eyer, US Navy Retired
Runway AbleNo apology for nuking the Japanese
Sailor Thom - OH how much he loved the sea - by Linda Beach
Scorpion Families Still Waiting
Scorpion Summary Analysis of Acoustic Data
SEAL Team SIX - The Secret Team That Killed bin Laden
Silent Service - ET2(SS) Jared Givens
Submarine Chiefs - Bob 'Dex' Armstrong  
The DBF PinPatrick Meagher TMC(SS) USN Ret  
The Last Flight - Kent Ballard, 1991, Last POW Flight from Hanoi
The Men Who Wore the "Pin"Bob 'Dex' Armstrong
The Navy - A Thoughtful Synopsis - author unknown
The Night Before Christmas, Submarine StyleSean Keck
The Origin of Submarine Pay
The Sneak Attack on Puget SoundSea Devil penetrates the Sound
The Story of TAPSauthor unknown
Those Who Sail Beneath the Swells - Bob 'Dex' Armstrong
Thresholds in Timeauthor unknown
TraditionBob 'Dex' Armstrong
Unraveling a Cold War Mystery: the ALFA SSN: Challenging Paradigms, Finding New Truths, 1969-1979 by Gerhardt Thamm
United States Submarine Losses During WWII facts about each boat lost during the war
USS BARB Sinks a Train
USS BASS (SS 164) Fire
rewritten from the story below by Charleston Base PAO, Ed Stank
USS BASS (SS 164) Casualty
as told by panama Jack COB
USS CHOPPER (SS 342) Deep Dive 7 Oct 1969
summary of findings
USS FLIER (SS 250) Found
Sunk in August 1944
USS NEBRASKA (SSBN 739) Submarine EmbarkNovermber 2008
USS NORTH CAROLINA (SSN777) Pictorial Tour

USS SAN FRANCISCO: Adrift 500 Feet Under the SeaNew York Times Article May 18 2005
Oral History Report from QM3c Calvin Barrick
USS TIGRONE & Russian Trawler Story - Tigrone messes with a Russian trawler
Vietnam War Statistics
Vital And Secretive Submarine Base Is In... Idaho
We Are A Submarine Sailor -
Mike Hemming
Welcome Home Boys
a Soldier's return to the states
We Will Always Remember Our Boats
- Bob 'Dex' Armstrong
What is a Sailor - by Hoppy Hopkins, a Canadian Submariner
When God Created a Submariner
When You Understand the Life of a Submariner - author unknown
World War II POW, Submarine Remembered

WWII Philippine Army
WWII Real Hollywood Heroes -
the actors who fought the war
the actors who fought the war
You Might Be a Submarine If... -

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